Our Story

Data Trust Associates is a new breed of company. Our unique proposition is to build trust and value using data with and for our customers. This journey starts by putting the Customer and their data at the heart of what we do.

We achieve our goals by addressing the bigger picture of data in terms of your vision and strategy and how it can create value for your organisation. Once this picture is clear, challenges such as use of data to gain insights for the Board, data privacy and data protection or intelligent automation are part of an overall information management strategy.

Our skilled experts take legal, business and technology constrains into account to develop solutions that put the customer at the heart of what you do. We also go the last mile to apply ethical standards to deliver sustainable results which contribute to the trust-building process.

How do we go about our business?

While GDPR compliance is leading the way now, we use this as a catalyst for not just meeting regulatory requirements but going beyond to bring all your data into context. This is the start of creating the value proposal.

Applying the well known Privacy by Design and by Default principles, we create awareness on the long term objectives involving all types of data and deliver incrementally based on the needs of the organisation. For many organisations today, this means delivering on GDPR requirements through our targeted Data Privacy Services.

However we also continue to take the bigger picture into account taking the trust and value drivers into consideration at all times. These drivers are enabled by our expert Information Management and Data Ethics services.