Investing in data and analytics? Are you doing it right?

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What’s the problem? An increasing number of companies (SME’s and Large companies) is investing in data & analytics these days. Usually that results in collecting data in a data lake, and launching a number of use cases by a team of data scientists. Although that’s a good first step delivering actual business value in the short run, it often doesn’t optimise your operational efficiency or makes sure your business runs on correct facts & insights. Too many businesses investing in data & analytics still have difficulty getting their operational data … Read More

How to better prevent and manage a data breach.

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A Portugese hospital recently got fined 400K Euro for allowing too many professionals access to medical files and for not having it’s medical records in order.  While only having about 300 doctors – it had 900+ doctor profiles registered. Aside from the lack of proper role based access – the lack of quality data was a fundamental problem.  Unfortunately, the majority of companies and organisations around the world still face data quality problems – from multinationals to SME’s. The case clearly shows that not having your personal data in order … Read More

GDPR: Budget, Gap & the analogy of polluted water.

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GDPR? If you haven’t heard of GDPR by now you’ve either been on a deserted island, went on a digital detox for the last 6 to 12 months, or… anyway you’re one of the few (happy) people not worrying about it’s impact… yet. If you have heard of GDPR or are busy implementing it, you might be wondering what your implementation budget should be, how big the gap can be and how to convey the message in a simple way to all of your colleagues & management. Budget: In terms of total … Read More