Ensuring Business and Data Value are aligned

Industries are being transformed by platform business models. New entrants facilitate interactions between consumers and producers of products & services. They make boundaries between industries disappear and disrupt the customer relationship of incumbents. Financial industry, energy and education and transport services are currently facing significant changes today due to “platformization”, while most other industries are expected to be affected soon. Companies require fundamental changes in business strategy and operating model to address the new challenges. Data Trust Associates supports its clients to understand the impact of those market changes on their business model and how to adapt to it.

Passenger transport in Belgium is going through significant changes. New market players combine products of multiple transport operators in bundled propositions. By doing so, those companies take over the customer relationship from the existing transport operators. They create value by monetizing the customer data and/or by claiming part of the revenues that currently goes to the transport operators.

Data Trust Associates helped a public transport company in Belgium to define its approach in this changing market by defining the core capabilities required to flourish in this new world.

      Becoming a data driven company is far into the horizon so the vast majority of companies. With many of well established ones leading the way, it is becoming a reality that companies are not just a product or service company. They are also a data company. And to be successful, they must know their data, manage their data use it wisely.


      Sounds logical and easy to some but to start this mammoth task begins with knowing the power of data and how it can enable and accelerate your vision and strategy.  And, there is also the increasing customer, regulatory and legal pressures to get data right.


      This 2-day workshop is indended to meet these challenges.  Many organisations will have started different data initiatives such as data governance, GDPR compliance, Information Security or data science initiatives. While some will have succeeded, others will have failed to deliver the value expected.  This two day workshop  is intended to address all of the different elements needed to be data driven and using a combination of seminar and workshop, to introduce you to a framework that sets you off on a successful path towards being data driven.


      What topics are covered?