The financial services industry continues to be one of the most rapidly changing and most regulated sectors of the economy. Companies face both internal and external challenges which requires digital and data solutions that balances profitability with customer centricity and regulatory compliance.

Telecommunications & Media

This market sector leads the way in terms of embracing change and technology. As it is a core sector, increasing maturity will impact the entire value chain and other market sectors. As telecom becomes more of a utility, technology hypes are not enough to retain or attract new customers. The key to success here will be the ability to integrate new technologies and networks and address customer centricity in a compliant manner.


Along with the opening of the energy sector, the transparency needed for data protection and the growing awareness to deliver on climate change, the utilities sector continues to undergo transformation. Competition continues to increase as switching customer becomes easier. This forces companies to increase the maturity of both digital and data capabilities.


The Insurance industry is full speed ahead with their digital and data transformations. The impact of being truly data driven along with changing customer expectations are redefining the industry. The key to stay ahead in this competitive market is to have goals that embrace the latest digital and data practices, algorithms and technologies. Early adaptors can flourish if they move swiftly and embrace the changing environment.

Transport and Mobility

With the liberalization of the sector, the more traditional service providers are under pressure to change. While retaining their business continuity, management are forced to rethink their strategies, operating models, processes and technology to remain competitive, customer centric and environmentally consciousness.


Driven by consumer expectation, this sector continues to accelerate it adaption of new technologies with the latest application digital and data techniques. With increasing revenues being generated via different digital channels, new challenges are emerging to capture, know and manage the customer to offer the right product at the right time via the right channel.