Join our talented team of data experts.

We are always on the lookout for motivated and passionate people who want to be part of a strong team. We strongly believe in long-term commitment, with both our customers and our employees. And so we like to invest in both. Being a small company, we stimulate and coach your personal growth by creating the right challenging opportunities for you.

Open Positions

Data Architect

Understanding your current operating models to deliver a more optimized approach which is lean and both process and data centric . Read further

Business Analyst

So much data is available yet so few really know how to extract its value. With a strong data foundation, getting to insights from your data is pure logic.Read further

Data Manager

Working with IT and Data Teams, we help make the most of your data from a business perspective and in a compliant manner to create immediate value.Read further

REASONS to become an Associate?

There are so many good reasons to come and work with us but of course your needs and ours should match. Here below is a list of the key reason why you might consider joining us.

  • We are a young and dynamic consultancy company which puts you in the driver’s seat of your own career with lots of scope for growth and responsibility.
  • Our focus is on Data. But then we cover the full 360°. This means we do many of the traditional roles differently with the focus on enabling the data driven organization.
  • We work with the latest technology trends in this dynamic data world.
  • We work top-down and bottom-up and mostly with a direct line to top management.
  • You will not be alone on a Project but will be part of a DTA Team to support and guide you along the way.
  • Our focus is on delivering early value to our customers. This often means we need to be quick, agile and get the big picture.
  • We like to look after our people well and encourage them to look after themselves. Just ask.

Our Values

  • Value

    We have a strong focus on providing value through quality services and results

  • Ambition

    We want the best from overselves, our people for our customers

  • Social

    We go the extra mile to fit in with our customers, vendors and target audience

  • Trust

    We like to say it as is but with respect and build trust along with way

  • Independent

    A zen mind open to different possibilities for optimum results

  • Sustainable

    We look at the big picture and extend sustainability beyond our core work

We welcome new talent!

We are constantly looking for motivated and passionate consultants who want to be part of our Trilations team.

Working for Trilations

Trilations is an open-minded, no-nonsense consulting organization. We strongly believe in long-term commitment, with both our customers and our employees.

We want to stimulate and coach your personal growth by creating the right challenging opportunities, with respect for your skills, capabilities and personal interests.

We invest in knowledge sharing, lifelong learning and coaching. We build on our pragmatic culture, which is based on trust, professionalism, integrity and engagement.

Trilations’ consultants differentiate themselves with their expertise and their professional and customer-focused friendly attitude.

Join the Trilations team

There are a number of good reasons to apply for a position and join our team:.

  • Trilations is a young, dynamic and growing consulting company, where you are in the driver’s seat of your career. You grow in experience and responsibility in a collegial and stimulating environment.
  • We deliver challenging projects for well-known companies. Each of our projects delivers clear added value. The range of projects is very broad: from strategy development, to tactical programs, to systems implementation.
  • You are not alone in a project – you are part of a stimulating Trilations team! Professional mentoring and (on-the-job) coaching are provided, delivering extra value to customers and accelerating your personal learning curve.
  • Our proposed salary and benefits package is very competitive and complete, including an insurance package and a company car.