Laying the foundation to becoming a data driven company

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Laying the foundation to becoming a data driven company

At Data Trust Associates, we are often asked by our Customers to help derive more value from their data or to assist with different digital transformation projects involving large data volumes such as IoT, AI or RPA.

The Challenge

This customer, a major player in the Logistics sector had a reputation of delivering top class services in a traditional manner. And while competition was not a major issue yet, management recognized that the company was falling behind its peers in other countries, both with and outside EU. To address their perceived deficiencies, a number of programs were identified.

The program of specific interest here involved the conversion to a data driven company as they wanted to become the hub and front-end of their ecosystem.  This would enable the offering of end-to-end services instead of only facilitating part of the end-to-end process.In order to do so, more insights into the end-to-end process were required to forecast customer behavior and understand new offerings needed. The organizational setuphowever involved a lot of manual work, guessing, firefighting, redundant and inefficient processes and a high amount of resources.

To start the change process, the Data Trust Associates approach involved the following steps:

  • Perform an in-depth data assessment which resulted in quick wins, a data strategy, plan and roadmap on how to execute towards the goals in the short, medium and long term.
  • Investigate the different data intelligence areas such as data governance, data quality and master data management
  • Review the organizational readiness to be data driven. This involved roles and responsibilities review, technology review and process maturity
The Result

We applied our standardized approach to assess the As Is situation, jointly define the To Be situation  and transpose the gaps into a Plan and detailed Roadmap which enabled the company to actually realize both quick wins as long term goals and specific business use cases.

By showing the issues, as well as the solutions and gains for both the company but especially for the employees, we created buy-in of the whole organization and increased awareness around data.

Employees got relieved of redundant tasks, reporting and insights were more accurate, a list of quick wins were realized, and the company obtained unforeseen new insights.  Furthermore, employees – pro-actively – started to address data problems in the data governance board where they were addressed.

Whether you’re just getting started, want to get your business future-proof or have some specific use cases in mind, DTA has a proven methodology that provides you with a clear plan, detailed roadmap & data strategy to start executing. Have a look at our latest service offering for more information.

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