Ensuring Business and Data Value are aligned

Industries are being transformed by platform business models. New entrants facilitate interactions between consumers and producers of products & services. They make boundaries between industries disappear and disrupt the customer relationship of incumbents. Financial industry, energy and education and transport services are currently facing significant changes today due to “platformization”, while most other industries are expected to be affected soon. Companies require fundamental changes in business strategy and operating model to address the new challenges. Data Trust Associates supports its clients to understand the impact of those market changes on their business model and how to adapt to it.

Passenger transport in Belgium is going through significant changes. New market players combine products of multiple transport operators in bundled propositions. By doing so, those companies take over the customer relationship from the existing transport operators. They create value by monetizing the customer data and/or by claiming part of the revenues that currently goes to the transport operators.

Data Trust Associates helped a public transport company in Belgium to define its approach in this changing market by defining the core capabilities required to flourish in this new world.

      Enabling Integrated Business Transformation

      In this competitive environment, businesses must continue to do more with less. And this often means optimizing the way things are done today and applying new techniques and technologies to optimize the business operational model and the use of data across the organization.

      Businesses must innovate their business model to keep up with their competitors. Companies define new value propositions and develop the capabilities to deliver those value propositions effectively. This is particularly challenging in an environment where the competitive landscape is changes quickly and where boundaries between industries are fading out.

      The Data Trust Associates Business strategy services are designed to review your business strategy, with a special focus on the use of data across the organization. We focus on business value and we combine the top-down approach to understand the nature of your business together with the bottom-up expertise to integrate the latest methodologies and technologies. This involves skills such us strategic & financial planning and technology expertise.

      We deliver measurable results in an incremental manner. Having executed many projects successfully, we have also developed a well-tested methodology and business domain knowledge across manner different industry sectors.

      Success is only possible working together with your people. We pride ourselves in seamlessly integrating with the organization with whom we work, taking the time to understand and implement priorities.

      Ready to put our Business Consultancy expertise to work for you? Ask an Expert today to to enable your company to be more data driven.

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