Ensuring Business and Data Value are aligned

Ensuring Business and Data Value are aligned

Organizations often take decisions based on general truths and/or gut feeling. Even when a lot of data is available, most companies do not fully leverage their data to maximize value creation. Data driven decision-taking process usually contains of the following steps: first large set of historic data is collected containing input and output parameters, second a model is created to predict the outcome based on the input parameters and finally the model allows to assign the optimal values of input parameters maximizing the value creation. Data Trust Associates supports its clients applying mathematical optimization techniques in a wide range of topics, including pricing strategy, process optimization, etc.

Creating value from data in a compliant way is a challenge and at the same time opportunity to many companies.

An effective approach can unlock significant potential in value creation, either enabling an improved customer experience, delivery of services at reduced cost or unlock completely new revenue streams. Most companies are aware of the use cases for value creation through customer data, but face difficulties to bring those into action.

Data Trust Associates supports its clients to define a pragmatic approach to transform customer data into value, with quick wins and in parallel creating a long-term competitive advantage.Our methodology covers both the strategic and tactical elements of customer data monetization, from design to implementation. This involves skills such us strategic and  financial planning, business analysis, project/program management and technology expertise.

We deliver measurable results in an incremental manner. Having executed many projects successfully, we have also developed a well-tested methodology and business domain knowledge across manner different industry sectors.

Success is only possible working together with your people. We pride ourselves in seamlessly integrating with the organization with whom we work, taking the time to understand and implement priorities.

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