efficient use of trustworthy data.

Enabling enterprise-wide data management and

Use facts to fuel your data brain for irreplaceable insights consistently

As companies move towards advanced analytics with the recognition that 70% of the work is data preparation, the majority of insights are becoming easier to generate in an semi-automated manner. The main challenge still is to tie analytics initiatives with other data initiatives so that companies are truely data-driven. Sounds familiar?

The key challenge is to define the problem to be solved and then to prepare the data environment in way that can deliver that solution on a recurring and trustworthy manner. If this is done correctly, then other problems will also be solved.

With a focus on predictive analytics, machine learning and AI areas, Data Trust Associates provides customers with the ability to move beyond simple reactive operations and into proactive activities that help plan for the future and identify new areas of business. Adv

Our Approach

Our focus is to understand the problem and business drivers from the start. We do this with the different business owners and involve IT and Data department in providing the solution with existing or new technologies.  This solution often involves challenges with the company culture, data quality, data accessibility, data storage, model selection, model construction all of which are part of the overall data strategy.

Typical approach to solving business cases such as Customer Churn, Growth opportunities, Price optimization, Supply and Demand predictions follow a standard approach often involving our data intelligence and data protection services also.

Understand the problem to be solved

Often forgotten or not clear but all stakeholders need to understand the business drivers and what the resulting actions will be required to drive the solution through the full lifecycle. We ensure that the solution aligns with your strategy and the technologies that will get you there. This often requires a deep-dive into assessing the data and analytics maturity of your company to discover new use cases that transforms your goals into actionable roadmaps.

This phase often includes:

  • Data and Analytics Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Analytics

Prepare your data for action

Any data strategy is worthless unless you have quality and consistent data. As part of our Data Intelligence services, we look to build a solution with the big picture in mind. Once we have identified the data in scope, we look to managing it so that the data domains to be governed are identified and managed appropriatly.

We design and build sustainable solutions that enable you to unlock the full power of your data, while ensuring data reaches the right hands. We’ll integrate the data reserves you already have, supplement them with external data, and bring it all together with your chosen analytics solution. Look to us, too, for data warehousing, governance, and Big Data visibility into diverse data sources.

This phase involves common topics as:

  • Data Governance

  • Master Data Management

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Quality

  • Data Integration
Build the Model and deploy

Once the use case is well defined and data is identified and mechanisms are in place to manage it, the model can be built based on quality and representitive data. With the correct use of technology, most of this work can now be automated once all of the details are known.

Once the model is built and tested with the right data, we need now think about deploying the solution. This means opboarding people across the organization who:

  • Understand and manage the data
  • Understand the business problem being addressed and how the solution will impact the manner in which Business deploys it.
  • Will provide an infrastructure that is reliable and supported


This involves activities as:  

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Dashboards
  • 360° Customer Analytics

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