efficient use of trustworthy data.

Enabling enterprise-wide data management and

Enabling enterprise-wide data management and efficient use of trustworthy data.

According to latest research, mainstream adoption of Blockchain is still five years away. But the Business Cases start to become clearer for many of the large organizations. Today, this immersive technology is positioned and applied to improve transparency, create trust and lead to cost reduction.


The financial industry is the obvious leader in blockchain adaption. As a digitized, secure and tamper-proof ledger, it injects enhanced accuracy and information-sharing into the financial services ecosystem. 

But the Financial industry is just the begining. As blockchain supports the key features:

  • Decentrailized
  • Incorruptible
  • Permissioned
  • Cost reduction 

We see the following application areas across the different sectors:

Voting - blockchain can serve as the base intrastructure for casting and tracability of votes; this can remove the need for recounts and elliminates and fraud attempts.

Internet Advertising - the current ad hoc approach provides an overload of unwanted and unconsented ad traffic. Using blockchain technology, it is possible to empower the Consumer to select excatly who he/she wish to recieve Ads from and is certified resulting in less data traffic and more targeted audience.

Education - as academic credentials need to be universally recognised and verifiable, deploying blockchain can help to optimise this process and the many other verification procedures that exist today

Supply Chain - with the integration and blockchain and IoT technology, it is now possible to verify where a product (wine, milk etc.) was produced and how it was distributed.

And so many moreapplications exist in the music industry, validation of a Report, Real estate, Insurance and Healthcare.

Our Blockchain services

Similar to our Data Intelligence and Business Consulting services, we tackle the Blockchain challenge using our standard methodology but customized to the Blockchain area of application:

Discovery workshop

A half-day workshop customized to your specific needs aimed at discovering how Blockchain could be applied as a valued asset for your business.

Blockchain Assessment

Looking at your digital and data strategies and your requirements, we investigate how Blockchain can be applied to create the value expected.

Blockchain Consultancy

Based on our growing Blockchain expertise and network and our vast data and digital expertise, we bring the knowledge of how to access and implement a disruptive technology in a safe and risk averse manner. Our experience as blockchain consultants comes from an extensive network of different industries globally. This allows us to identify, recommend and implement the best suitable solution for your business needs.

Ready to put our Blockchain expertise to work for you? Ask an Expert today to to enable your company to use blockcain and be more data driven.