Digital Transformation is everywhere. Yet, still so many organisations struggle to get a full grasp of what this is about let alone implement it into their organisation and extract the value from their efforts.


The good news is that both Change and Budget are no longer the obstacles. As more and more digital natives join the organisation, the push to evolve and be modern is coming from the bottom up and top down via external regulatory pressure and competition. Digital Transformation is not a project with a predefined deadline but rather part of an ongoing living part of the organisation. But what do we mean by Digital Transformation?

At Data Trust Associates, we have implemented several digital transformation initiatives over the years. And while the trigger point is always different and is not normally labeled as a Digital Transformation project, the sustainable solution to the problem is always the same. Based on a 360° Digital Maturity Assessment, we look to seek the big picture of how an organisation see itself evolve in these digital and disruptive times.

We are able to get the big picture by assessing (and integrating if they exist) each of the following 9 key areas:

  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Corporate, Digital & Data Strategies
  • Business Operating Model
  • Value proposition and Revenue Model
  • Business Processes and Customer Journey
  • Organisation
  • Technology
  • Data
  • Partnerships

Based on an assessment with one one or all of these key areas, we are able to determine the Digital Maturity Index. With the ultimate goal of reaching the Digital Nirvana of 100% DMI score, our focus is to create full visibility of where any organisation is at any point in time and to help guide it towards a place where it sees where it is going creating value of shareholders, stakeholders and society is an agile and effective manner.

So, don’t let the gap between business value and your current digital transformation understanding grow wider. Let Data Trust Associates guide you through this complex process using our proven approach backed by experts in both Digital and Data domains to enable your company to achieve digital nirvana.


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