Strategic, Tactical and Operational Advice

Data is currency. It is valuable, vulnerable and dangerous in the wrong hands.
All responsible businesses have a moral and legal obligation to implement and maintain data privacy best practices. Data Trust Associates examines each client’s specific needs and then creates and implements a bespoke envelope of protection best suited to that organisation’s unique requirements.

Data breaches destroy trust and often bring expensive litigation.

Just one unfortunate incident and a business can be ruined and lives destroyed. Data Trust Associates know it is not enough to simply meet the letter of the law when protecting business and consumer data privacy. Customers must feel secure in knowing their data is in the hands of a responsible organization that is an industry leader in data privacy.

To do this requires a shift in thinking on how to implement business processes and data privacy in today’s hostile environment. Our experts support different companies and organisations to make that shift in ways that go beyond the regulatory needs and towards strengthening your competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Do you want the peace and security of knowing that your organization’s data is as secure as it can possibly be? This is what we will do to make that happen:

  • Define the Data Privacy Strategy
  • Combine pure legal advice with technical advice in our implementation
  • Provide end to end GDPR compliance implementation
  • Data Privacy Engineering (Privacy by Design, Privacy by Default)
  • Data Flow and Business Process mapping
  • Data Privacy framework setup & implementation
  • Data Privacy and Data Protection technology & architecture advice
  • DPO and compliance support and coaching

Technical Architecture review (privacy by design and by default)

This tech review includes an assessment of one or more components/solutions or a general landscape review – taking all data privacy and data protection requirements into account. Deliverables include a technical/architecture advisory report with AS IS, TO BE, SWOT, GAP and a list of activities to bridge the gap.

Do you have data vulnerabilities? You can find out now and build that envelope of protection, or you can find out after the fact and hope to come out intact. Let’s talk.

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Like to know more?

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