Rethinking risk and compliance in a rapidly changing business and data environment.

We call it Smart GRC.

GRC Services Taking the data driven approach and promoting the use of the latest technologies, we provide a wide range of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services to help your organisation advance with its compliance and risk management objectives.

Our focus is to provide an integrated approach towards GRC across the organisation. We achieve this by taking an agile and lean approach to the 360° GRC program and working with the industry’s leading solution providers.

Our services encompass:

Integrated GRC Awareness Workshops

The goal of our tailored approach is to integrate risk with performance management with a strong focus on current information management practices. Before implementing an optimum GRP program, several factors need to be defined and aligned which are essential in managing and controlling enterprise risk. These include factors such as:

  • Regulatory changes (including Data Privacy)
  • Existing (fragmented) risk and compliance operating model
  • High number of control failures
  • Process framework
  • Cost reduction

Our awareness workshops are intended to address these and other areas so that a coherent and effective GRC strategy can be defined. This also gives management an opportunity to reflect on how different types of risks are managed.

Governance and oversight

Taking the data driven approach, we help our customers to enhance their current practices to meet new regulations and to satisfy their stakeholders need for a high standard of governance and compliance:

  • Corporate Governance Advisory
  • Board Effectiveness Assessment
  • Governance Effectiveness Assessment
  • Ethics and Company Values Assessment

Enterprise Risk Management

Based on our Awareness Workshops and assessments, we help instil a risk management culture. Together with other solution providers, we implement GRC and Risk Management programmes in a structured and lean manner. Our Risk program will address:

  • Enterprise Risk policies
  • Enterprise Risk Management organisation
  • Risk process and assessment
  • Risk plan, implementation and monitoring

Compliance and Regulatory

Taking the data driven approach to compliance, we assist companies to take the forward looking approach consisting of three key elements

  1. a well-defined framework
  2. a well organised information landscape
  3. and the use of the latest technology such as text mining and machine learning

Combining the best of these key elements will help keep you information landscape compliant and reduce your operational risk and costs.