Data Architecture is consistently identified by CXO’s as a top challenge to be data driven. While this was traditionally driven by technology, this is now changing as Business become clear on the insights they need.


This way of thinking still requires a switch for most organisations. To use data effectively, a coherent data architecture is required which is build on a strong foundation of business requirements. As many companies recognise the potential of going digital, they rush to invest in a technology or solution without first investing in a coherent data strategy. Data Architecture is core part of the data strategy.

At Data Trust Associates, our experts position data architecture as a blueprint that helps align data assets with its business strategies. The data architecture guides how the data is collected, integrated, enhanced, stored, and delivered to business people who use it to do their jobs. It helps make data available, accurate and complete so it can be used for business decision-making.

Closely related to Data Architecture is Data Modelling. While Data Architecture defines the blueprint for managing data assets, the Data Model is defined by DAMA as  “the discovering, analysing, representing and communicating requirements in a precise form called the data model”. As part of its Data Modelling services, Data Trust Associates works with clients to create a complete data architecture roadmap that is foundational and based on best practices, industry standards and latest proven techniques. This helps to get data to a reliable and much more usable state  that brings adaptability, predictability and consistency to even the most varying of data environments.

So, don’t let the gap between business value and your current Data Architecture practices grow wider. Let Data Trust Associates guide you through this complex process using our proven approach backed by experts in both Digital and Data domains to enable your company to be data driven.


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