Defining and implementing the Business Case for data discovery and data catalogues.

While both Data Discovery and Data Catalogues are rather new comers in the modern data landscape, they are fast becoming part of the business as usual deliverables. But to  truly capitalise on their potential, organisations must be prepared to champion change and cooperative adoption. This involves taking a holistic and iterative approach that combines modern data governance and business case driven approach to implementation. In today’s data landscape, a growing number of self-service analytics users and data savvy users are consuming a vast amount of data with a focus on expediting information to insight. Traditional top-down data governance approach does not work. What’s needed is a modern approach to governance that is flexible, business-value driven and takes advantage of machine learning to meet the needs of data-driven businesses. Data discovery combines analytics and data visualization to better equip business people to build data models and make predictions. Aimed at business people, it is visually-oriented, interactive and iterative, and allows data to be combined and shared.

How we’ve helped others with their data discovery needs?

Data Trust Associates Experts start by linking your business objectives with data strategy and governance objectives and define and implement clear business cases. This involves different multi-disciplinary tasks and experts to implement services such as:
  • Creation of Business Cases
  • Workshops
  • Strategy and Roadmap Planning
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Technology evaluation for Data Discovery and Data Catalog vendors
  • Implementation of technologies with complex data landscapes
  • Defining Data Lineage approach
So, while data discovery and data catalogues may be a new item, its not new to us.Let Data Trust Associates guide you through this complex process using our proven approach backed by experts in both Digital and Data domains to enable your company to be data driven.  

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