The cost of poor quality data is an astonishing 15% to 25% for most companies. What’s more, information workers waste up to 50% of their time dealing with mundane data quality issues. These are the findings from a recent MITSloan article.

So many data quality initiatives fail because it’s an afterthought. As more industries now recognise the value of data, many struggle to put Data Quality into the correct context with Data Governance and Master Data Management. Data Quality is a core ingredient of any well executed enterprise information strategy.

This is why Data Trust Associates defined a Data Quality Framework which our Data Quality experts apply in an agile manner with our Customers.  Using the overall data strategy as a catalyst, this framework facilitates a deep-dive assessment using a combination of analysis and technology to highlight the overall data quality health and root causes. It then offers clear remediations backed by technology enablement when needed to bring structure to you most valuable data and restoring trust.

Our team of experts meets your business objectives by combining our proven methodology together with our overall Data Governance Framework to:

  • Align your Data Quality objectives with those of Data Governance
  • Assess the Data Quality landscape using technology and deep dive sessions
  • Provide a Data Quality Workshop to initiate a Change and greater awareness
  • Integrate with your organisation and ongoing programs
  • Put the required organisation in place
  • Evaluate Data Quality technology to meet your objectives
  • Implement technology
  • Implement the required processes and procedures
  • Provide ongoing Data Quality monitoring and support

Let Data Trust Associates guide you through this complex process using our proven approach to enable your company to be data and quality driven.