What is the business value and drivers of implementing an MDM initiative?

In this data-driven economy,  many organizations are in search of the elusive “single view of customer” or even more important is the  “360° view of customer” where information can be augmented from multiple sources. Other types of data such as Product, Vendor, Location, and more can also benefit from a single view. Master Data Management (MDM) can help build this 360° degree view of key business information to allow you to take full advantage of your organisation’s data for better business outcomes. Master Data Management is a business growth enabler that ensures an organisation’s master data is stored in an organised form. Additionally, it ensures that valuable data is effectively governed and fully accessible. We can help you implement a data management charter as well as profile and integrate your disparate source systems. The result will be a single view of all critical enterprise data.

What are the challenges today?

Implementing a master view of data requires a clear data strategy and data management framework. Data Trust Associates can can help you reach your business goals from an MDM initiative through defining a integrated architecture as well as the processes, people, skills, and policies needed for effective implementation. Some of the common tasks that our experts perfroms are:
  • Defining the Business goals for Master Data Management
  • Key business data which should be mastered
  • Developing the Big Data Architectural Blueprints involving the Data Strategy, Data Model and other elements
  • Review, select and implement Technologies to support MDM
  • Address the Change management elements of People, Processes and policies.
Let Data Trust Associates guide you through the selection and implementation process of Master Data Management. Use our proven approach backed by experts in both Digital and Data domains to enable your company to be data driven.  

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