Data management is the practice of organising and maintaining data processes and technologies in order to enable maximal value creation from your data.

Challenges such as accurate reporting, deriving value for your data or knowing which of the latest technology trends to buy into are just some of the triggers for our engagement. We address this challenge using our integrated approach combining the latest of digital and data technologies and of course agile change approach. All of which is part of our Modern Data Management framework.

With increasing awareness in the power of data, there is a growing pressure to get value in a consistent and compliant manner. The once stable world of Data Management is now disrupted by technology shifts as NoSQL, Cloud computing, Smart Data Lakes, Data Catalogues and Self-Service Analytics. And this is being updated on a continuous basis. What was “in” three months ago is “out” today.

Using our Modern Data Management framework, we combine all the facets of Digital Transformation and Data innovation with the related technologies that are necessary to support your company to be data driven and more competitive. Based on your data management needs today, we engage with your Team in providing one or more of the following Services as part of a data management engagement:

  • Assessing your current Data Management readiness
  • Defining a Data Management Strategy
  • Putting a Data Governance program in place
  • Defining a Data Architecture to support a new or existing Data Strategy
  • Evaluating an existing Data Landscape from a compliance or future-proof perspective
  • Defining metrics to support the Corporate Performance Management system
  • Assessing your Data Analytics capabilities and needs
  • Assessing Data Technologies to match your needs

So, don’t let the gap between business value and your current data management practices grow wider. Let Data Trust Associates guide you through this complex process using our proven approach backed by experts in both Digital and Data domains to enable your company to be data driven.


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