Data and Information Management Advisory and Consulting

Data Trust Associates expertise extends to both traditional data and information management capabilities such as master data management, data quality, data & information governance, and metadata management, as well as the more recent capabilities such as big data storage and processing, data catalog, self-service data preparation and advanced analytics.

By combining in-depth data and information management knowledge with experience on data privacy and protection, Data Trust  Associates is able to provide your organisation with a competitive advantage and faster time to market.

After all, the key to becoming compliant and differentiating on data privacy and data protection is a combination of data and information management and data privacy capabilities driven by the application of a data ethical framework.

Data and Information Governance

Although often misunderstood, data and information governance is not “just” a technical solution, nor does it need to pose a large burden for your organisation. Data and information governance is not only crucial for the success of your data and information management capabilities such as realising operational excellence, analytics & innovation. It also enables the organisation for  compliance topics such as GDPR.

Data Trust Associates thoroughly understands the practice of data and information governance and is able to implement it in your company as a natural extension to your current processes, organisation, roles and technology.

Data and Information Management services

Data Trust Associates can provide advisory and consulting capabilities covering the key data activities where many organisations struggle today. These include:

  • Master data management
  • Data quality by profiling and discovery of your data, it’s business logic, business rules and data quality KPI’s to the actual cleansing, enrichment, validation of the data
  • Data migration by combining data and information management techniques to accelerate data migration exercises and using data discovery to test the fit with the TO BE information architecture

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